Friday, August 12, 2011

Dillon Francis Meets CSS

Happy Friday folks!

Going to make this simple and straight to the point.  Dillon Francis is my new hero. His CSS remix is one of the best re-imaginings I've heard in a long time.  Of course, it certainly helps when you start off with a killer song.

"Hits Me Like A Rock" - CSS

Dillon Francis, L.A.'s own latest and greatest breakout dj/producer, makes this hipster pop gem sparkle.  Sleak, classy, and literally begging you to shake that thang - I really can't get enough of this.  But seriously, I might have a problem...

Just wait until it really opens up at about 1:25.  Oh damn.  Perfection.

Ting Tings wish they could be this bad.  Do yourself a favor, throw on your shades and make this the weekend jam.  Download here.

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