Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blondie - No Not That One...

Blondie is the subject of infatuation in the lovely Edda Magnason's latest video.  Just try not to watch the whole thing...

The Swedish/Icelandic beauty somehow manages to be classic, jazzy, international, badass, and laidback all in one song.  This girl is definitely someone to look out for.

Edda Magnason's latest album Goods (released earlier this year on Adrian Recordings) is difficult to classify.  It ranges from Broadway-esque, to indie pop, to straight avante-garde.  Each track held together by that stunning jazz-infused voice reminiscent of a less-squeaky Asteroids Galaxy Tour.  She experiments with a slew of live instruments, much like the equally intriguing My Brightest Diamond, and has the unapologetically progressive sound of fellow Icelander, Bjork.

Here's another quirky track called "Handsome."

Enjoy my friends and happiest of Thanksgivings to you.

P.S. - Did you notice my website is getting fancier?  I feel like a real adult blogger now...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, just want to say thanks to Noel Bass who designed my website logo above. And yes, he's available for hire.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Young Dreams Aren't All Butterflies & Rainbows...

Apparently these youngsters have slightly darker interests.

Norwegian Indiegazers Young Dreams present their debut self-titled video.

The video speaks to their sound - whimsical and complex with a touch of good ole Scandinavian gloom.

The outfit consists of 12, yes 12 talented musicians wielding a variety of instruments - synths, glocks, music boxes, wood blocks, strings, guitar, and a handful of DIY percussion among them.  It's an unexpected surprise when such a deluge of sounds come together to make a classy and subtle blend.  

Pair this unconventional instrumentation with "dreamy" Beach Boys meets Animal Collective vocal layers mixed in to perfection and you get one exciting new band.  

"Dream Alone, Wake Together" is another enchanted little tune:

Young Dreams will be releasing their debut full length early next year on Modular. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Next Sounds: Mayer Hawthorne

Had to tell my Next Family peeps about Mr. Mayer Hawthorne.

Did you know this silky smooth crooner for the modern age is not only a rapper named Haircut, but also has his very own bobble head?

The more you know kids...

Check out the amazing video for "A Long Time" and then head over to The Next Family blog for more.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Aural Fixation: Pumpkin Monkey Bread

Back with the Fall edition of Aural Fixation.  This time the amazing chef-extraordinaire Catherine McNulty puts her own Autumn-inspired spin on Monkey Bread, adding, you guessed it, pumpkin. Not kidding, this is the best thing I have ever eaten.  Ever...

And of course, along with the recipe, I have prepared a delectable playlist of Fall inspired tunes.  Here's a taste:

With the change in season comes shorter days.  Woodkid knows the consequences when dark begins to overtake the light...

Get the rest of your Aural Fix at fantastablog Tadpole Audio.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There's something about Teenage Girls...

Or so say grunge rockers The Bleeding Knees Club...

The Australian garage duo, comprised of Alex Wall (drums and vocals) and Jordan Malane (guitar), are full of bumps, bruises, guts, and indeed bleeding knees aplenty.

With all of the retro lofi punkers, (Wavves, No Age, and Ty Segall to name a few), it's sometimes hard to distinguish between them.  So what sets The Bleeding Knees Club apart?  Undeniable spunk for one thing.  They are young and filled with energy, hormones and angst.  

Deceivingly simple chords and song structure provide the backing for sophisticated and often complex poetry.  For example, take these lyrics to their song "Bad Guys":

They smoke at night
They make us cry
They get so high
They are bad guys

Check out their newly released Virginity EP on the always engaging IAMSOUND label, and be sure to warmup your neck and arm muscles for thorough head thrashing and air drumming.