Sunday, November 13, 2011

Young Dreams Aren't All Butterflies & Rainbows...

Apparently these youngsters have slightly darker interests.

Norwegian Indiegazers Young Dreams present their debut self-titled video.

The video speaks to their sound - whimsical and complex with a touch of good ole Scandinavian gloom.

The outfit consists of 12, yes 12 talented musicians wielding a variety of instruments - synths, glocks, music boxes, wood blocks, strings, guitar, and a handful of DIY percussion among them.  It's an unexpected surprise when such a deluge of sounds come together to make a classy and subtle blend.  

Pair this unconventional instrumentation with "dreamy" Beach Boys meets Animal Collective vocal layers mixed in to perfection and you get one exciting new band.  

"Dream Alone, Wake Together" is another enchanted little tune:

Young Dreams will be releasing their debut full length early next year on Modular. 

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