Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There's something about Teenage Girls...

Or so say grunge rockers The Bleeding Knees Club...

The Australian garage duo, comprised of Alex Wall (drums and vocals) and Jordan Malane (guitar), are full of bumps, bruises, guts, and indeed bleeding knees aplenty.

With all of the retro lofi punkers, (Wavves, No Age, and Ty Segall to name a few), it's sometimes hard to distinguish between them.  So what sets The Bleeding Knees Club apart?  Undeniable spunk for one thing.  They are young and filled with energy, hormones and angst.  

Deceivingly simple chords and song structure provide the backing for sophisticated and often complex poetry.  For example, take these lyrics to their song "Bad Guys":

They smoke at night
They make us cry
They get so high
They are bad guys

Check out their newly released Virginity EP on the always engaging IAMSOUND label, and be sure to warmup your neck and arm muscles for thorough head thrashing and air drumming.  

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