Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adele Meets Jamie XX

Adele's new single "Rolling In The Deep" is pretty powerful on it's own, but when Jamie from the XX got his hands on it, he made some serious magic (download here, seriously, you'll thank me).

Do you remember that amazing XX remix of Florence & The Machine's "You Got The Love?"  This kind of reminds of that.  The original song is remarkable as is, but the XX transform it into something entirely new and completely their own.  I can only imagine Jamie is inspired by strong female voices as he plucks them out of their original state, rhythmically cutting, pasting, detuning and reimagining them into a new world surrounded by snappy clean beats and textures.  The XX remixes feel more like offerings to the original pieces as they manage to highlight the raw emotional core of the song.

Considering the XX remixes I have already heard and loved, I can't wait to get my hands on Jamie's upcoming rework of Gil Scott Heron's critically acclaimed I'm New Here.

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