Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cut Copy - Zonoscope

After a decade of making music together, Cut Copy have branded their own unique form of new wave, post punk dance jams. Zonoscope, the third official studio album from the Australian electropop group, features a remarkable depiction of New York City engulfed by a waterfall courtesy of the late Tsunehisa Kimura.  This exploration of the surreal embodies the 11 stand-alone tracks that make up their latest release.

Zonoscope feels like a spiritual journey.  Built around tribal beats, sweeping synths, and hypnotic vocal repetitions, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the soundscape of this album.  Each track is so intricate and laden with unexpected sounds that leave you wondering what you just heard.  The songs are unformulaic, flowing effortlessly as they rock you to a mesmerizing pulse.   Add to that a hint of space rock psychedelia thanks, in part, to renowned mixer Ben Allen (Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion) and you have a work that feels almost philosophical.

Highlights from Zonoscope include the first official single “Take Me Over,” which envelops a message about seizing the day in 80’s new wave, Blondie-esque guitar licks and bouncy synths.

“Where I’m Going” is another favorite.  One of the more rock-based songs, it seems to encompass the message of this album: “It’s my dream and it’s yours if you want it too.  It’s a journey; it’s yours if you want it.”

Yes, this is a dance album, but it’s not so much a neon glittering glowstick dance party.  It feels more personal, like a close your eyes and dance in your room when no one’s watching album.  I, for one, have tried the latter, and highly recommend it.

You can look forward to Zonoscope’s release February 8th on Modular. 

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