Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RAC Take On The Indie Greats

Remix Artist Collective, aka RAC have been reworking our favorites for the last three years. They're known to stray from the typical club remixes to re-imagine choice selections in a novel way.

Take their interpretation of "Houdini" by trending indie pop rockers Foster The People:

(On a complete side note, if you love "Houdini" you need to check out DJ Valida's remix, which you can stream and download HERE)

The international group of DJs and producers know that the most important element in creating a remix is to start with a great template.  Tackling artists as diverse as Radiohead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Massive Attack, John Legend and Lenka, they put their own spin on songs they love, and offer it up to the public for FREE.  Yes, for free on their website.

Listen to their take on Phantogram's "When I'm Small."

Here's a list of my favorites, all downloadable:
"When I'm Small (RAC Mix)" - Phantogram
"Repetition Kills You (RAC Mix)" - The Black Ghosts
"Rescue Song (RAC Mix)" - Little Boots
"Walking On A Dream (RAC Mix)" - Empire of the Sun
"Heavy Cross (RAC Mix)" - The Gossip
"Super Mario Brothers (RAC Mix)" - yes that's exactly what you think it is, but better.

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