Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Telepopmusik - Mad Fresh. Just Gets Fresher

I only just discovered the likes of French trio Telepopmusik, but I've been jamming to "Da Hoola" nonstop for the past week.  This song makes me want to rock a gold tooth and a cardigan.  Check it out peeps.

"Da Hoola" - Telepopmusik

"Mad fresh, just gets fresher." Truer words have never been spoken.  This little gem came out in 2002, and has only ripened with time.  That rap is killer.  To be honest, I still can't make sense of the lyrics, so I'll just chalk them up to free-form poetry.  And that groovy instrumental is just begging to be sampled. 

Telepopmusik's album Genetic World was released nine years ago on Capitol.  It made a splash for a hot minute with a major synch on a Mitsubishi commercial, but soon faded off of our radar.  While "Da Hoola" is an anomaly on the LP, the rest of the songs are definitely worth a listen.  They have more of an acid house/trip hop liquid lounge feel.

If you have a taste for Air and Portishead, you'll enjoy their video for "Love Can Damage Your Health."

I did notice some activity on their myspace page, so I'm keeping my hopes up that we'll be hearing more from them soon...

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