Friday, May 27, 2011

Villagers Meet Charlotte Gainsbourg

Oh happiest of Fridays.  This long weekend couldn't come soon enough.

Let's leave the week with some beautiful singer-songwriter tunes.  Mercury Prize nominee Conor O'Brien (of Villagers) kindly wrote this lovely piece for the one and only Charlotte Gainsbourg.

It's called "Memoir."

Aah, perfection.  This little gem was released last month on Record Store Day (April 16th).  It will appear on her much anticipated upcoming LP to be released in the Fall.

It's recently been rumored that Conor will record this piece himself for his own upcoming album.  In case you don't know Villagers, take a minute to raise your hand, open your palm, reach out wide, and swing it swiftly into your cheek.  Then listen to this amazing piece from their debut full-length, Becoming A Jackal (Domino Records).

"Pieces" - Villagers

Yeah, he howls.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

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