Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boom Clap Boom Clap Boom...

Copenhangen's Boom Clap Bachelors have a new EP, Mellem Dine Læber.  The BCB are a collection of producers, DJs and live artists, often including the remarkable Coco (of Quadron), and my newest love, Liv Lykke (not to be confused with Lykke Li).  This is an old clip featuring both of these ladies in a scaled down acoustic performance.

Unitards aside, this is a brilliant performance.  It is rare to see artists with such depth and evocative control over their vocals.  I only wish I knew what they were singing about...

This latest EP (courtesy of Plug Research) gives us more chilled out future electro poetry.  Liv Lykke's piece "Andres Hænder" is especially lovely.

My favorite part about this group is that quirkiness.  I mean...unitards people.  The video for Coco's classy addition to the latest EP, "Løb Stop Stå" satisfies my craving for weird (though "Falder ind og falder ud" is incredibly strange, as well).  Enjoy.

Happiest of Tuesdays to you.  

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