Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mr. Little Jeans Meets Arcade Fire

Norwegian dream pop artist Mr. Little Jeans recently released this stunning cover of Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs."

You can download the track for free HERE.

Mr. Little Jeans, aka Monica Birkenes, stands just over 5 feet, but packs one powerful punch.  Influenced by fierce women like PJ Harvey, St. Vincent, Bjork, Santigold and Feist, she infuses her music with an edgy femininity.  Her icey sweet vocals and ear for catchy melodies could easily lend themselves to top 40 pop, but her playful arrangements lean just far enough to straddle that line between commercial and indie.  This is a successful recipe reminiscent of artists like Oh Land and Little Boots.

The beauty has recently turned a lot of heads, garnering a record deal from Sony and recognition from fellow artists.  Both The Naked and Famous and Pacific have put their own spins on Mr. Little Jeans' "Rescue Song," but my favorite rework has to be from RAC.

"Rescue Song (RAC Remix)" - Mr. Little Jeans

You can look forward to her full length debut this year with production by John Hill (Santigold, M.I.A).  Definitely one to keep your eye on.

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