Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dirty Projectors Meets Animal Collective = Braids

Lush.  Dreamy.  Evocative.  Check out "Lemonade" by Braids.

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, home to buzz artists like Arcade Fire, Chromeo, and Patrick Watson, these art rockers are taking note from their predecessors by creating music that is both intelligent and accessible.  While their sound isn't necessarily cutting edge, they certainly execute it with impeccable sophistication.  Anchoring lush spacey layers with concrete vocal melodies to create serene and breathtaking arrangements.

Loops, delays and reverb give way to this wonderland of sound.  While you're busy being absorbed into the folds, you might also notice the lyrics are actually quite provocative:

Now what do you say to a man who's got no taste,
who's really got no potential
except to procreate so inessential.

If you're out in Lost Angeles you may want to hit up their show, March 5th at the Troubadour with equally amazing electrophiles Baths and Star Slinger.  I've heard their live show has brought people to tears.  I'll be there with a box of tissues.  Feel free to say hello.

Listen for yourself to the apparent culprit of the waterworks, title song "Native Speaker."

If you can't make the show, I suggest you get yourself a copy of their debut full length Native Speaker (out now on Kanine Records), hop in your car, roll down the windows, and drive off into the sunset with no particular destination.

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