Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rafter Tells It Like It Is

Oh Raftsies.  I'm calling you that as I feel we are on a nickname basis after watching your cheeky video for "No Fucking Around." 

That might be the most bad ass street gang in town.  Delightfully ample cherubs dressed in stylish business attire wielding chains and fly dance moves.  I want one.

Rafter sounds like the lovechild of Freelance Whales and Of Montreal.   Nerdy hipster electropop with a dash of post-punk attitude.  His music is uncompromising and oh so now.  And while sometimes frenzied with unorthodox bangs and bellows, it never lacks for enthusiasm.  Rafter Roberts describes himself better than I ever could: "i am red hair, restless mind, total non goth, sweaty rocker and obsessive compulsive.  i am dedicated."  Anyone who can pull off vocoder is tops in my book.

"Salt" - Rafter

Check out more Rafter, and score some free downloads at his RCRD LBL page.

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