Friday, February 4, 2011

DUST OFF THE VINYL: Just Like A Ship Without A Sail

Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir.  "Like A Ship" is just in the inspiration I need to get through this last push of the week. 

I only just discovered this 1971 self-released album as it was reissued this past July via Light In The Attic Records.  Pastor Barrett is known as a contentious figure.  He became a leading pastor and social activist in Chicago's South Side during the 70's.  While he lead the fight for socioeconomic equality, he's also the man who cooked up a $3 million pyramid scheme, allegedly to help the needy (and help himself to the good life). 

While Pastor Barrett remains a controversial figure, his contribution to music cannot be denied.  It's not hard to hear that characteristic magnetism that drew in so many devout followers (including Donny Hathaway and Earth Wind and Fire).  He pours that charisma into this soulful and uplifiting piece.  I won't even deny it;  I'd buy whatever he's selling.

Someone needs to do us all a favor and sample this...

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