Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crystal Fighters - The Spanish Naked & Famous?

This song reminds me of "Young Blood" by Naked & Famous.

It's an uber catchy track, and there's nothing wrong with that.  But when Crystal Fighters decided to make a remix ep, the song veered away from pop for a new level of distinctive sophistication.  I fell for the Berou & Canblaster Remix.  Listen below.

"At Home (Berou & Canblaster Remix)" - Crystal Fighters

While the original song is playful in its use of percussion, Berou & Canblaster accentuate these neo-tribal leanings with all sorts of unexpected bangs, whistles, hisses and droplets as the backbone behind those balmy reverb/delay heavy vocals.  The tune finds a new industrial spirituality in the B&C remix, which for me, exceeds the original by challenging the ear.

It's certainly worth checking out the rest of Crystal Fighters debut album Star of Love, which was released last October on the bands own label, Zirkulo.  The Spanish five-some began to take off when Laure (vocals) found a manuscript filled with her late grandfather's prophetic musings, written during his final months of insanity.  Enraptured with his writing, they decided to base their album on these spiritual themes, such as the power of the sun and finding peace in the journey toward death.  In fact, their name, Crystal Fighters, is drawn from her grandfather's unfinished opera.

With such a unique creative force to guide them, this intriguing album begs a second look.  "At Home" is one of the poppier tunes.  I recommend checking out "I Love London" and "Follow" to get a glimpse into their variety of style and edginess.  They also have quite the collection of quirky videos that my eyes have been glued to all week. Do yourself a favor and head over to their myspace to watch.

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  1. Love this! At Home is great (watched the live version video). And I Love London is crazy fun. Thanks for sharing. :)