Friday, March 11, 2011

Trust - for fans of The XX and Fever Ray

How is it they make this relatively uneventful roadtrip look so badass?

Damn, I want a gummy worm...

Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski were looking for an outlet during the cold Canadian winter of 2009, so they decided to form a band.   Freezing temperatures and gloomy forecasts inspired their chilly and, dare I say, penetrating sound.

Trust brings us a fresh take on emotronica.  Their songs are filled with dark synths, coldwave techno beats, and Alfons' deliciously spacey baritone.  They immerse blatantly erotic tunes like "Candy Walls" and "Gloryhole" in a new wave mystique that yields a pseudo hipster gothtronic desire.  I can only imagine they wear their sunglasses at night.

Candy Walls will be released March 29th as a 7".  Mixed by Mikey Apples of Crystal Castles, the B-side is another stunner entitled "Trinity."  Listen below.

This Canadian duo are already creating a lot of buzz in Toronto, opening for Hercules and Love Affair, Zola Jesus, and more.  You can catch them next week at SXSW.  Let's hope they make their way down to L.A. soon...

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