Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Timber Timbre - If Frankenstein Could Sing...

He would probably sound like this.

Those estranged vocals.  That playful use of horns.  The unapologetic bass.  A twinkling from a surely cobweb-filled upright.  And all of these elements mixed to perfection in such a deceptively simple arrangement.  Did you feel those 6 minutes go by, or were you busy daydreaming of overgrown cabins hidden away amid some dank and haunted marshland?

"Black Water" is a beautifully crafted piece that lives in a world of it's own, along with the rest of Timber Timbre's musical offerings.   Their goosebump inducing sound engulfs the listener in a most beautifully dramatic and eerie swamp blues.  Like Tom Waits or Patrick Watson, their music is darkly cinematic, conceptual, and yet unassumingly palpable.  It's no wonder Taylor Kirk, (singer and multi-instrumentalist for the band) sites Bernard Herrmann as one of his key influences.  Timber Timbre could easily be the soundtrack for some twisted high society zombie gathering.
These Canadians first came into the spotlight in 2009 with a self-titled album that garnered critical attention, and frankly turned a lot of heads.  Personally, I fell for them the minute I heard "Lay Down In The Tall Grass."  Listen below.

Creep On Creepin' On is their fourth studio album, to be released April 5th on Arts & Crafts.  Fittingly, they will be playing alongside Patrick Watson late March.  May be time for a road trip to Canada...

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