Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daydreaming in the Dark Dark Dark

Do yourself a favor. Take 5 minutes and abide by the title of Dark Dark Dark's single "Daydreaming" as you watch their video.

Oh, how to describe. Is beautiful too banal a word?  Breathtaking. Humble. Honest. At times, haunting.  The warmth of those keys and Nona Invie's stunning voice lulls us into a hypnotic triplet sway.  Brushes on snare swing gently, topped with strings, banjo, and yes, accordion.  This piece begs us to slow down, admire the beauty in the world, and daydream.

Dark Dark Dark began as a means of making gas money on a road trip to New Orleans, but Invie and fellow founder Marshall LaCount quickly found traction with their music.  Supply & Demand were lucky enough to sign the group, releasing their first official full length in 2008.  More recently, their 2010 sophomore release Wild Go found critical acclaim for songs such as "In Your Dreams."  Listen below.

"In Your Dreams" - Dark Dark Dark

The quintet float effortlessly across genres, citing such varied influences as classical, jazz, world and top 40 pop. This eclectic chamber-style folk collective bring an honesty to their music that surpasses any need for classification.  The music speaks for itself, utilizing Nona's dazzling vocals as a medium to convey lyrical treasures that are often lost in the hussle of modern living.

They will be gracing the Satellite in Los Angeles on April 28th.  Take a look at some of their amazing live performances on youtube (like this rendition of "Wild Goose Chase") and you'll know why it's worth your while to buy a ticket.

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