Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tristen - Beauty With A Bite

She's one pretty voice with one seriously dark sense of humor.  Check out the video for "Matchstick Murder" and you'll get the idea:

Tristen's album Charlatans at the Gate was released a little over a month ago courtesy of American Myth Recordings.  Having written and produced the album almost entirely by herself, she clearly has a strong point of view.  Her style is refreshingly unique.  Pop melodies infused with a pseudo-southern rockabilly sound.  Her use of harmonies and background vocals adds a sort of apron-doo wop feel that makes light of the surprisingly dark topics she tackles on this 11 song debut: liars, drug addiction, breakups. Standard singer-songwriter topics I suppose, but she delivers lyrics that surprise at every turn with double entendres and witty metaphors.

"Baby Drugs" is another stand-out track.  Take a listen.

"Baby Drugs" - Tristen

The entire album is filled with gems like the above.  Make sure you stop by her website, here, for a free 4 song download.

Tristen is currently on tour, hitting up SXSW next week.  And if you aren't one of the lucky few (and by few I mean 13,000, give or take), you can catch her at The Satellite, May 6th.

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